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Which of the following is not a provision of the 2002 reforms to enhance disclosure?
a) defines election communication
b) bans soft money
c) limits the definition of electioneering
d) specifies when issue advocacy can be used in a campaign

What has been one result of the most recent campaign finance reforms?
a) more issue advocacy in television ads in the two weeks before the election
b) more issue advocacy in radio ads in the two weeks before the election
c) more issue advocacy via the mail and on the telephone
d) more issue advocacy in magazines

The Bipartisan Campaign Reform Act of 2002
a) banned most forms of soft money
b) banned all soft money and most hard money
c) did not specifically mention soft money
d) was a result of unanimous vote in both the House and the Senate

PACs tend to
a) give money to the meediest of candidates
b) give money to the most influential candidates
c) spread the money among as many candidates as possible
d) give money to challengers who promise special access

The campaign stages of a presidential campaign, in chronological order, are
a) winning the nomination, campaigning at the convention, and mobilizing support in the general election.
b) campaigning at the convention, winning the nomination, and mobilizing support in the general election.
c) winning grass-roots support, winning the nomination, and mobilizing support for the general election.
d) mobilizing support for the general election, winning the nomination, and campaigning in the general election.

Purpose of a national convention include all but
a) focusing attention on the nominee
b) ratifying a party platform
c) choosing a vice-presidential candidate
d) dividing up party funds for House and Senate candidates

Independent candidates can formally get on the ballot through
a) a national petition
b) a state petition
c) organizing a grass-roots campaign
d) organizing a political party

Disclosure of campaign funds was first mandated under the
a) Corrupt Practices Act
b) Watergate Correction Act
c) Federal Campaign Act
d) Teapot Dome Act

When a labor union or business organization spends large but undisclosed amounts of money to a campaign but does not identify a specific candidate, it is termed
a) a PAC contribution
b) issue advocacy
c) hard money
d) illegal

A corporate PAC believes that it is buying ___________ when it contributes to an election.
a) votes
b) influence
c) access
d) supportive legislation

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