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Are there ..... parachuting fans in your group of friends?
a) any
b) some
c) a
d) the

Look! There are ..... fabulous pictures of the horse riding competition in this album.
a) some
b) the
c) any
d) a

..... snow covered the mountain yesterday.
a) A lot of
b) A few
c) Many
d) A

We haven't got ..... coffee in the kitchen. Go and buy some!
a) much
b) some
c) the
d) many

Listen! I have got ..... ideas for the birthday celebration.
a) a few
b) a little
c) any
d) an

..... baseball players are there in the team?
a) How many
b) How much
c) Is there
d) There is

..... any helmets in your sports equipment?
a) Are there
b) Is there
c) How many
d) How much

.... any butter in the fridge?
a) Is there
b) Are there
c) How much
d) How many

There are ..... lakes in this village, but not many to be honest.
a) a few
b) a little
c) a lot of
d) much

..... exercise do you do a week?
a) How much
b) How many
c) Is there
d) Are there

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