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El barco grande
a) The big boat
b) The small boat
c) The big island
d) The small island

!El esquimal come la gatita!
a) The Eskimo eats the kitten!
b) The kitten eats the Eskimo!
c) The Eskimo runs over the kitten!
d) The kitten runs over the Eskimo!

El volcan explota despacio
a) The volcano explodes slowly
b) The volcano explodes quickly
c) The volcano eats slowly
d) The volcano eats quickly

La gatita nada en el mar
a) The kitten swims in the sea
b) The dog swims in the sea
c) The kitten scuba dives in the sea
d) The dog scuba dives in the sea

La casa pequena
a) The small house
b) The big house
c) The small cat
d) The small boat

!El tiburon come la ropa!
a) The shark eats the clothes!
b) The cat eats the clothes!
c) The shark eats the fish!
d) The cat eats the fish!

!Buen viaje!
a) Have a good trip!
b) Have a bad trip!
c) Eat a good trip!
d) Have a good life!

El rey lleva la gatita al avion
a) The king carries the kitten to the airplane
b) The king carries the kitten to the volcano
c) The king eats the kitten on the airplane
d) The king runs the kitten to the volcano

El mono se sube el arbol
a) The monkey climbs up the tree
b) The monkey climbs down the tree
c) The kitten climbs up the tree
d) The kitten climbs down the tree

!El tiburon vuela!
a) The shark flies!
b) The boat flies!
c) The shark eats!
d) The boat runs!

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