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What does NOT need to be included on your resume?
a) Age
b) Industry skills
c) Work Experience
d) Education

What is NOT true about references on your resume?
a) Always need to be listed on your resume
b) Should be able to tell someone about your skills and character
c) Do not need to be listed on your resume
d) Should not be a relative

The of a color is the purity of that color, which is reduced in pastels and shades.
a) Chroma
b) Color balance
c) Tertiary
d) Hue

How do you display unity in your design?
a) Everything looks like one piece, not a lot of pieces put together
b) One large object
c) A lot of black
d) Everything is even

What is the purpose of a cover letter?
a) Highlight your skills and how you can benefit the company
b) Highlight your personal interestes
c) Highlight your education
d) Highlight your employment history

What is the proper resolution for the internet?
a) 72
b) 100
c) 150
d) 300

Which is NOT something you need to consider when preparing for a job interview?
a) Arrive a hout early
b) Research the company before the interview
c) Know how long it takes to get there
d) Take a copy of your cover letter and resume

OCR software is used to:
a) Scan text as letters, words and sentences and not as a graphic image
b) Scan line art
c) Convert text into graphics
d) Reduce pixelation

Which is NOT an employment benefit?
a) Salary
b) Health insurance
c) Sick days
d) Vacation days

A gathers all files, including art and fonts and encapsulates them so that they may be sent to the printer without attaching the fonts and artwork.
a) PDF
d) GIF

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