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A plant with the genotype AABbcc will have the same phenotype as the plant with the genotype _____.
a) AaBBcc
b) aabbcc
c) AAbbCc
d) AaBbCc

When Mendel crossed pure bred purple pea plants with pure bred white pea plants the F1 offspring were
a) white phenotype becasue their genotype was heterozygous.
b) purple phenotype becasue their genotype was heterozygous.
c) white phenotype becasue their genotype was homozygous.
d) purple phenotype becasue their genotype was homozygous.

A plant with the genotype AABbcc is __________.
a) triploid
b) heterozygous for two different genes
c) homozygous for two different genes
d) composed of six different alleles

What do the letters Tt mean to a geneticist?
a) two dominant alleles
b) tall plant
c) homozygous alleles
d) heterozygous alleles

If a person carries two copies of the same allele for a gene the geneticist would describe this person as
a) homozygous
b) heterozygous
c) diploid
d) haploid

Which of these crosses would produce only heterozygous offspring?
a) Aa x Aa
b) AA x aa
c) aa x Aa
d) AA x Aa

Which of the following matings can produce a child with blood type AB? The letters refer to blood types (phenotypes).
a) A x A
b) A x O
c) A x B
d) B x O

Which disorder causes red blood cells to have an unusual shape due to a misfolded protein?
a) achondroplasia
b) hypercholesterolemia
c) Huntington's disease
d) sickle-cell disease

The likelihood of two linked genes crossing over together depends upon
a) how far apart they are on the chromosome.
b) the character the gene codes for.
c) whether the genes are on the X chromosome or not.
d) whether the genes are dominant or recessive.

Close relatives who mate are more likely to have children with genetic diseases because __________.
a) close relatives are genetically very different
b) close relatives are likely to carry the same genetic disorders
c) genetic diseases are extremely rare if both parents are from the same ethnic group
d) most genetic diseases are caused by the dominant allele

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