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What are the four stages of food processing (in order)?
a) ingestion, digestion, absorption, elimination
b) digestion, ingestion, absorption, elimination
c) absorption, digestion, ingestion, elimination
d) ingestion, absorption, elimination, digestion

The breakdown of food into small nutrient molecules that the body can absorb is
a) ingestion
b) digestion
c) absorption
d) elimination

Oxygen and carbon dioxide cross the capillary walls through
a) osmosis.
b) endocytosis.
c) diffusion.
d) phagocytosis.

In humans, the ____ system delivers oxygen to the cells of the body.
a) lymphatic
b) endocrine
c) nervous
d) circulatory

Hormones move through the body of humans via the ____ system.
a) circulatory
b) respiratory
c) lymphatic
d) immune

The function of hormones is to
a) be produced in response to the environment.
b) act as a signal between cells.
c) fold in various shapes.
d) enter a cell and interact with DNA.

The central nervous system includes the
a) heart and lungs.
b) spinal column.
c) brain and spinal cord.
d) sympathtic nerve.

Which part of the eye gives the eye color?
a) pupil
b) lens
c) retina
d) iris

Which of the following statements about muscles is true?
a) A sacromere contains thick and thin filaments.
b) Each myofibril consists of many muscle cells.
c) Each muscle cell has one nucleus.
d) Muscle cells have either thick or thin filaments, but not both types.

Which of the following structures is part of the placenta?
a) embryo
b) chorion
c) allantois
d) yolk sac

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