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What plant family produces fruit and most of the food for which humans depend?
a) angiosperms
b) gymnosperms
c) ferns
d) bryophytes

What is the plant tissue that carries water from the roots to the leaves?
a) phloem
b) xylem
c) bark
d) cambium

What tissue conducts sugar solutions in the plant?
a) xylem
b) bark
c) phloem
d) cambium

Name the two main groups of seed plants.
a) ferns & mosses
b) trees & shrubs
c) pine trees & deciduous trees
d) angiosperms & gymnosperms

Which of the following are seedless vascular plants?
a) ferns
b) angiosperms
c) gymnosperms
d) bryophytes

Which of the following helps the plant to retain water?
a) stomata
b) cuticle
c) leaves
d) roots

A plant is
a) unicellular, eukaryotic, and chemotrophic.
b) multicellular, prokaryotic, and heterotrophic.
c) multicellular, eukaryotic, and photoautotrophic.
d) unicellular, prokaryotic, and photoautotrophic.

An example of a gymnosperm is
a) an apple tree.
b) a rose bush.
c) a rhododendron shrub.
d) a spruce tree.

An example of a bryophyte is
a) moss.
b) lichen.
c) a pine.
d) an orange.

Plants obtain most of their water through their
a) roots.
b) stomata.
c) stems.
d) leaves.

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