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Two conditions for inspiration to occur
a) excretion and digestion
b) contraction of diaphragm and intercostal muscles spread ribs
c) trachea open and peristalsis occuring
d) bronchi inflate and alveoli empty

CO2 and O2 are exchanged where?
a) trachea
b) epiglottis
c) bronchioles
d) alveoli

Cilia inside the trachea move particles away from
a) Pharynx
b) Tonsils
c) Lungs
d) Epiglottis

Increased breathing rate is due to
a) increased CO2 in blood
b) decreased O2 in blood
c) decreased CO2 in blood
d) increased O2 in blood

Which organ filters blood and forms urine?
a) aveoli
b) kidneys
c) gall bladder
d) urinary bladder

Skull weight is reduced due to this
a) teeth
b) brain
c) ear canal
d) sinuses

Amount of air during normal respiratory cycle
a) tidal volume
b) residual breath
c) vital capacity
d) total lung capacity

The vacuum force which helps lungs inflate is caused by
a) hydrostatic pressure
b) hoover
c) diaphragm
d) abdominal muscles

Antibiotics will work on
a) the flu
b) viral pneumonia
c) common cold
d) tuberculosis

process which uses oxygen to release energy from food
a) respiration
b) expiration
c) cellular respiration
d) cellular contraction

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