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1. Miguel and Sarah are working together on a class project. They predict it will take a total of 13 hours. Miguel 6 3/4 and Sarah 5 1/2.How many more hours will it take to finish
a) 3/4 hour
b) 12 1/4 hour
c) 11 3/4 hour
d) 1 hour

3 2. Tomas worked 7 3/5 hours each day at a 5 local hardware store. How many hours did he work in 40 days?
a) 47 3/5
b) 320
c) 304
d) 280 3/5

3. Using cruise control, Ms. Jasono drove 350 miles at a constant speed. If the drive took 6 1/4hours, at what constant 4 speed did she drive?
a) 54
b) 60
c) 58
d) 56

4. A laboratory technician purchased special chemicals at a local supply house. Quantity 16 lbs price $156.80. What is the price per pound?
a) $9.80
b) $2,508.80
c) $12.40
d) $10.00

5. Liu and Dennis decided to keep records of their jogging over a four-day period. Look at paper
a) 1.1 miles
b) 46.4 miles
c) 45.2 miles
d) 1.2 miles

1. The circle graph show the results of a school election. Which candidate got 1 closest to 1/4 of the vote? look at the graph on the paper
a) May
b) Arturo
c) Phyllis
d) Edna

2. Melinda is making a scale drawing of a library table on quarter-inch graph paper. Each square stands for 1 square foot. If a library table is 6 feet long, how long will it be on
a) 1/6 in
b) 2.4 in
c) 1.5 in
d) 2/3 in

8. Megalopolis has a population of 4.3 million people. Biggersville has only 2,750,000 people. How much greater is the population of Megalopolis?
a) 1,550,000
b) 7,050,000
c) 2,320,000
d) 1,600,000

9. Cozy Coats and Winter Wonders both have the same coat on sale. The regular price is $129.49. At which store would you save more money? Cozy coats 1/3 off winter wonder 30% off
a) Cozy Coats
b) You can\'t tell from this information
c) You\'d Save the same
d) Winter Wonders

10. Barney drove 450 kilometers in 5.8 hours. What was his average speed? Round to the nearest tenth.
a) 26.1
b) 261
c) 77.6
d) 77.5

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