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Mold and mushroomsbelong to the _____ kingdom.
a) monera
b) fungi
c) protist
d) plant

A major change in form that occurs as some animals become adults is called _____.
a) genus
b) metamorphosis
c) molting
d) symmetry

_____ can live in dry places because they have watertight skin.
a) Arthropods
b) Amphibians
c) Reptiles
d) Mollusks

A feature of all fish is their _____.
a) skeleton made of cartilage
b) swim bladder
c) scales
d) gills

_____ is the lowest level of the classification system.
a) Species
b) Order
c) Genus
d) Family

The two word name of a species is its ______ name.
a) kingdom
b) scientific
c) classification
d) common

Flowering plants are called _____.
a) conifers
b) angiosperms
c) gymnosperms
d) ferns

A ______ plant has tubelike cells.
a) nonvascular
b) humus
c) vascular
d) rhizoid

An angiosperm that has one seed leaf is called a ______.
a) monocot
b) dicot
c) tricot
d) hexacot

_____ plants are divided into flowering plants and nonflowering plants.
a) Vascular
b) Nonvascular
c) Seed
d) Seedless

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