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The cell part that gives structure to the plant cells is the _____.
a) vacuole
b) DNA
c) cell wall
d) cell membrane

A gel-like substance in both plant and animal cells is _____.
a) DNA
b) chloroplast
c) mitochondria
d) cytoplasm

The role of the mitochondria is to _____.
a) use oxygen to break down food and release energy.
b) enclose the cell.
c) capture light energy for photosynthesis.
d) store DNA

Plant cells have chloroplasts to _____.
a) protect DNA
b) aid in photosynthesis
c) contain food and water
d) distribute proteins

A system of tubes that transports proteins is the _____.
a) nucleus
b) endoplasmic reticulum
c) cell membrane
d) vacuole

A container of food, water, and waste is a _____.
a) ribosome
b) vacuole
c) lysosome
d) cytoplasm

Observing the _____ of something can help you tell if it is living or nonliving.
a) organisms
b) kingdoms
c) properties
d) cells

_____ are protists that make their own food and usually live in water.
a) Algae
b) Protozoans
c) Fungi
d) Parasites

Unlike nonliving things, all living things _____.
a) can grow
b) have properties
c) hardness
d) have cells

Biology is the study of _____ things.
a) living
b) nonliving
c) living and nonliving
d) growing

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