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When an ice cube melts, its state of matter chanes from a
a) gas to a liquid
b) solid to a liquid
c) liquid to a solid
d) solid to a gas

Which unit can be used to describe an object's length?
a) grams
b) minutes
c) liters
d) meters

A student drops a ball. Which force causes the ball to drop?
a) electricity
b) friction
c) gravity
d) magnetism

How long does it take for Earth to rotate on its axis seven times?
a) one day
b) one week
c) one month
d) one year

What process causes a valley to form?
a) condensation
b) deposition
c) erosion
d) evaporation

What do all animals need in order to survive?
a) rocks, water, and soil
b) water, air, and food
c) air, rocks, and sunlight
d) foold, soil and sunlight

During the winter, the white fur of an arctic fox bledins in with the snow. This adaptation is called...
a) hibernation
b) migration
c) camouflage
d) movement

Since plants make their own food, they are called
a) preditors
b) prey
c) decomposers
d) producers

Which structure of a bird is correctly paired with its function?
a) claws for obtaining food
b) wings for eliminating waste
c) feathers for breathing
d) eyes for growing

Humans depend on which natural resource from the environment?
a) water
b) houses
c) electricity
d) roads

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