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El caballo grita
a) The horse eats
b) The cat eats
c) The horse yells
d) The cat yells

El perro come el pez
a) The dog eats the fish
b) The fish runs over the dog
c) The dog runs over the fish
d) The fish eats the dog

El abuelo es comico
a) The grandpa is funny
b) The uncle is funny
c) The aunt is funny
d) The grandma is funny

!El gato corre rapido!
a) The cat runs fast!
b) The dog runs slow!
c) The dog runs fast!
d) The cat runs slow!

?Donde esta el comedor?
a) Where is the dining room?
b) Where am I?
c) What is your name?
d) Where is the kitchen?

La tia pregunta el abuelo
a) The aunt asks the grandpa a question
b) The uncle asks the grandpa a question
c) The aunt eats the grandpa
d) The grandma asks the aunt a question

La sala es pequena
a) The living room is small
b) The salad is small
c) The living room is big
d) The dining room is small

El caballo se sienta en el gato
a) The horse eats the cat
b) The cat eats the horse
c) The boy sits on the horse
d) The horse sits on the cat

El nino es bonito
a) The boy is handsome
b) The boy is sad
c) The cat is pretty
d) The girl is pretty

Mi gato es loco
a) My cat is crazy
b) My dog is lazy
c) My cat is lazy
d) My dog is crazy

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