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A baseball is hit into the air with a bat. When does the baseball have the greatest gravitational potential energy?
a) when it leaves the bat
b) when it reaches its highest point
c) when it hits the ground
d) when the mechanical and kinetic energies of the baseball are equal

The law of conservation of energy states that when one form of energy is converted into another
a) energy is destroyed in the process
b) no energy is destroyed in the process
c) energy is created in the process
d) some amount of energy can not be accounted for

Potential energy that depends on height is called
a) kinetic energy
b) gravitational potential
c) elastic potential
d) kinetic

When you rub your hands together on a cold day, you use friction to convert
a) mechanical energy into thermal energy
b) thermal energy into nuclear energy
c) nuclear energy into electrical energy
d) electrical energy into electromagnetic energy

The total potential and kinetic energy of the particles in an object is called:
a) mechanical energy
b) thermal energy
c) chemical energy
d) electrical energy

An example of something that stores chemical energy is
a) lighting
b) microwave
c) match
d) light

If Rocky and Chyna both placed a 50 lb bag on a table, which one would have used more energy?
a) Whoever took less time to put the bag on the table
b) Whoever took more time to put the bag on the table
c) they would have used the same amount of energy no matter the amount of time
d) whoever weighs the most

If Chyna placed the bag on the table in less time than Rocky, we can conclude that:
a) Rocky had the greatest amount of power because it took him longer
b) They both had the same amount of power no matter the amount of time
c) Rocky had more power because he was named Rocky due to his strength
d) Chyna had more power because she moved the bag to the table in less time.

A material that does NOT conduct heat well is called a(n):
a) insulator
b) conductor
c) metal
d) radiator

Heat transfer occurs
a) in many directions
b) both from warm objects to colder ones and from cold objects to warmer ones
c) only from warm objects to colder ones
d) only from cold objects to warmer ones

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