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When thermal energy flows from a hot object to a cooler object that it is in contact with, it is called
a) radiation
b) conduction
c) convection
d) heating

What type of energy is stored in chemical bonds?
a) chemical potential
b) chemical kinetic
c) energy of activation
d) thermal potential

The total amount of potential and kinetic energy in a system is called:
a) thermal energy
b) complete energy
c) energy maximum
d) mechanical energy

In an electric power plant, turbines are turned using which type of energy from steam?
a) chemical
b) mechanical
c) electrical
d) nuclear

Which of the following objects has potential energy?
a) a ball rolling across the floor
b) a bowling ball knocking over a pin
c) a glass sitting on a table
d) a bicycle coasting down a hill

Energy that is stored by things that stretch or compress is:
a) chemical kinetic
b) gravitational potential
c) elastic potential
d) elastic kinetic

The energy stored in an object due to its position is:
a) potential energy
b) entropy
c) thermal energy
d) kinetic energy

Niagara Falls is a good example of:
a) kinetic energy being converted into potential energy
b) potential energy being converted into kinetic energy.
c) energy being lost
d) energy being created

The law of conservation of energy states that:
a) energy is not created or destroyed and its form is constant
b) energy can not be created or destroyed
c) when energy transforms into a new form, there is some energy lost
d) energy can be created or destroyed but can not change form

what two factors determine how much potential energy an object has?
a) mass and position
b) speed and mass
c) speed and surface area
d) speed and position

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