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Which of these might a scientist do to communicate scientific results?
a) tell family about their results
b) publish a scientific article on share it with other scientists
c) join a social networking community

What is the study of energy and how it affects matter?
a) Physics
b) Chemisty
c) Biology

What is matter?
a) the "stuff" that makes up the atmosphere
b) the "stuff" that makes up everything
c) the "stuff" that makes up outer space

Once you've made observations and asked a QUESTION you are ready to....
a) draw a conclusion
b) make more observations
c) form a hypothesis

What is the study of the structure and properties of matter?
a) Chemistry
b) Biology
c) Physics

What do you do after you have formed a hypothesis?
a) Ask a question
b) Test it
c) record data

What is energy?
a) the ability to do work
b) getting up in the morning
c) food converted to motion

Which tool would you use to measure length?
a) scale
b) graduated cylinder
c) meter stick or ruler

Which SI unit is a unit for mass?
a) centimeter
b) kilogram
c) liter

What represents an object or system?
a) density
b) mass
c) model

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