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Which property of an object allows it to bend?
a) color
b) size
c) mass
d) flexability

A ball is thrown up into the air. Which force causes the ball to fall to the ground?
a) friction
b) gravity
c) electricity
d) magnetisim

Which two observations are both used to describe weather?
a) precipitation and runoff
b) temperature and sky conditions
c) wind speed and erosion
d) types of clouds and deposition

The Sun is classified as
a) an organism
b) a planet
c) a star
d) a decomposer

About how long does it take for Earth to make one revolution around the Sun?
a) one day
b) one year
c) one month
d) one week

When a lightbulb is lit, electrical energy is changed into light energy and
a) chemical energy
b) mechanical energy
c) heat energy
d) magnetic energy

Which tool would be most useful for observing the details of an insect’s wings?
a) thermometer
b) graduated cylinder
c) hand lens
d) balance

Which two life processes occur in both plants and humans?
a) growing and reproducing
b) germinating and reproducing
c) growing and making food
d) germinating and making food

A student places soil in a plastic container to make a home for some worms. The student cuts holes in the top of the container because the worms need
a) space to move
b) sound to communicate
c) sunlight to grow
d) air to breathe

Which two environmental changes usually cause certain animals to migrate?
a) change of season and fewer predators
b) loss of habitat and more food
c) loss of habitat and fewer predators
d) change of season and less food

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