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A cone is cut by a plane that is perpendicular to its base. Which of the following could be the shape of the cross-section formed?
a) triangle
b) trapezoid
c) circle
d) rectangle

A cyclinder is horizontally cut by a plane. What is the shape of the cross-section formed?
a) rectangle
b) trapezoid
c) triangle
d) circle

The cross section of a 3-D figure is shaped like a cirlce. Which could NOT be the 3-D figure?
a) cone
b) sphere
c) pyramid
d) cylinder

The point (7, -3) is translated 4 units to the left and 10 units down. What are the new coordinates of the translated point?
a) (11,-7)
b) (3, -13)
c) (3,-7)
d) (11, -13)

Point A(-6, 3) is rotated 90° counterclockwise about the origin. Give the ordered pair for A\'.
a) (-6, -3)
b) (6, -3)
c) (6, 3)
d) (-3, -6)

The point P (-5, -10) is rotated 180° about the origin. What are the coordinates of P\'?
a) (10, 5)
b) (5, 10)
c) (5, -10)
d) (-10, -5)

If a sphere is cut by a plane in half. what is the cross section formed?
a) square
b) circle
c) trianlge
d) rectanlge

If a cone is cut by a plane in half, what is the cross section formed?
a) triangle
b) circle
c) rectanlge
d) square

If a square on a graph has a point of [0,-3] and is translated 3 units to the left and 3 units up what is the new point of the square?
a) [-3,3]
b) [3,-3]
c) [0,3]
d) [3,0]

If a cube is cut by a plane diagonally what is the cros section formed
a) rectangle
b) circle
c) triangle
d) square

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