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When do the male sperm cells enter the female?
a) During sexual intercourse
b) Every month
c) During Menstruation
d) During Ovulation

Where do the sperm travel to meet the egg?
a) Through the uterus, through the vagina and then meet the egg in the oviduct
b) Through the vagina, through the cervix, and then meet the egg in the uterus
c) Through the cervix, through the oviduct, and then meet the egg in the uterus
d) Through the vagina, through the cervix, through the uterus and then meet the egg in the oviduct

What must happen for fertilisation to take place?
a) The man must ejaculate
b) An egg must be released by the ovaries
c) The male and female must have sexual intercourse
d) The sperm cell must join with the egg cell

What is an embryo?
a) An unborn baby (has developed and already looks like a human)
b) Lots of eggs
c) A baby
d) An unborn baby in the first few weeks after the sperm fertilised the egg (doesn\'t look like a human)

Once the egg is fertilised by the sperm, and the embryo forms, what must the embryo attach to so that it can grow?
a) The ovaries
b) The oviduct
c) The mother
d) The uterus wall

What is a foetus?
a) A baby
b) An unborn baby in the early stages of development which does not yet look like a human
c) An unborn baby in the later stages of development which looks like a human
d) An embryo

Where does the sperm fertilise the egg?
a) In the vagina
b) In the oviduct
c) In the uterus
d) In the ovaries

Where are eggs produced?
a) In the testes
b) Ovum
c) In the oviduct
d) In the ovaries

Where are sperm produced?
a) In the ovaries
b) In the penis
c) In the sperm duct
d) In the testes

Once the sperm fertilises the egg, how long is it before the baby is born?
a) 9 months
b) It could be 9 weeks or it could be 9 months
c) 9 weeks
d) 12 months

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