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Who's The Mayor's Son?
a) Charlie St. Cloud
b) Beth's Brother
c) Logan
d) Keith

Why Did Logan Want To Thank Beth?
a) For Saving His Life
b) For Giving Him Money
c) For Cutting His Hair
d) For Driving Him Home

What Business Does Beth's Grandmother Own?
a) Horse Farm
b) Computer Tech
c) Cat Sitting
d) Doggy Day Care

What Instrument does Ben Play?
a) Flute
b) Violin
c) Piano
d) Trumpet

Who does Beth Live With?
a) By Herself
b) Her Grandmother
c) Her Mom
d) Her Dad

Who died in war?
a) The Mayor
b) Beth
c) Keith
d) Beth's Brother

How did Logan come from home to Louisiana ?
a) He walked
b) 3 trains, 9 buses, 4 planes, and 2 taxis
c) A Car
d) A spaceship

How did Ben's dad die?
a) House Fire
b) A tree house fell on him in the water; He drowned.
c) Car accident
d) Police shooting

What was Logan's Dog's Name?
a) Kelly
b) Nefertiti
c) Zues
d) Posiden

What Part Of The Military Was Logan Put In?
a) Air Force
b) The Marines
c) Army
d) Navy

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