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What does the decision in Gideon vs Wainright guarantee everyone?
a) freedom
b) an attorney
c) innocence
d) a trial

Why did the court rule that there should not be prayer in school in Engel vs Vitale?
a) students were forced to say it
b) separate but equal
c) separation of church and state
d) justifiable wartime measures

Which U.S. Supreme Court decision assured accused persons the right to be informed of certain constitutional rights at the time of their arrest?
a) Engel vs Vitale
b) Baker vs Carr
c) Gideon vs Wainright
d) Miranda vs Arizona

What does the decision in Mapp vs Ohio protect us from?
a) warrants
b) arrests
c) illegal search and seizure
d) robbery

Which U.S. Supreme Court decision ruled that your rights can be restricted if they present a clear and present danger to the country?
a) Schenck vs U.S.
b) NJ vs T.L.O.
c) Tinker vs DesMoines
d) Mapp vs Ohio

Which two court cases deal with safety in schools?
a) Vernonia vs Acton and NJ vs T.L.O.
b) Mapp vs Ohio and Miranda vs Arizona
c) Schenck vs U.S. and Engel vs Vitale
d) Tinker vs DesMoines and Miranda vs Arizona

During the ratification debates of 1788, the activities of the Anti-Federalists led to
a) the drafting of the Declaration of Independence
b) the adoption of the Northwest Ordinance
c) strengthening of the Articles of Confederation
d) addition of the Bill of Rights to the Constitution

The major reason the Bill of Rights was added to the Constitution was to
a) limit the power of state governments
b) protect individual liberties against abuse by the federal gov\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t
c) provide for the equal treatment of all people
d) separate powers between the 3 branches of gov\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t

Federalism is best described as
a) the authority to make and enforce laws
b) differences in public and private sectors of business
c) division of power between state and local gov't
d) use of checks and balances

Which idea had a major influence on the authors of the Articles of Confederation?
a) strong central gov\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t threatens the rights of the people
b) all people must be guaranteed the right to vote
c) 3 branches of gov\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\'t are needed to protect liberty
d) the central gov't must have power to levy taxes and control trade

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