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What is the first sacrament ?
a) Confession
b) Eucharist
c) Baptism
d) Confirmation

The holy spirit is the mystery of one God in three divine persons.
a) True
b) False

In whom does god reveal himself most fully?
a) Prophets
b) church
c) Jesus Christ
d) Baptized

Who are not ordained ministers of the church?
a) Lectors
b) Priest
c) Deacon
d) Bishops

Which one of the following is not an attribute of God?
a) Holy
b) Truth
c) Powerless
d) Almighty

The 6th and 9th commandments teach us that the love of a husband and wife is...
a) Sacred
b) Sexuality
c) Adultery
d) Reverence

The 7th commandment calls us to ...
a) Respect the property of other people
b) Replace or repair what we have stolen and damage
c) Use creation wisely
d) All of the above

The 4 th commandment guides us in loving our ?...
a) Parents
b) Teacher
c) Community leaders
d) All of the above

The 5th commandment teaches us to be...
a) Nice
b) Not to kill
c) Respect
d) All of the above

The 10th commandment teaches us...
a) Be generious
b) Respect
c) Don't kill
d) Don't lie

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