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What does the geologic time scale represent?
a) The theorized development of life on earth dating back 4.6 billion years ago
b) The geologic history of universe
c) The age of the earth and all creatures on it.
d) The fossil record as we know it.

What do scientists think the first life form was?
a) Blue-green bacteria
b) Mammals
c) Insects
d) Dinosaurs

What is a fossil?
a) The remains or traces of an organism that lived long ago.
b) Hardened tree sap
c) A mold filled with hardened sediments
d) An imprint or hollow in a rock, shaped like an organism

What parts of organisms are most likely to become fossilized?
a) Bones
b) All of the above
c) Shells
d) Teeth

Why do scientists study fossils?
a) Fossils are clues to Earth\'s evolutionary history
b) Neither a nor b
c) Both a and b
d) To determine which organisms may be ancestors of present day orgainsms

Fossils can show how the earth\'s __________has changed over time.
a) Core
b) Mountain ranges
c) Ozone layer
d) Climate

How can the relative age of fossils and rock layers be determined?
a) What type of rock is present.
b) The Law of Superpositon
c) How many fossils are found in the rock layer.
d) What area of the world the rock layer is found in.

The Law of Superposition states:
a) Energy is neither created or destroyed, it simple changes form.
b) The length of time it takes for one-half of the radioactive element to change into a stable element.
c) Fossils are only as old as the rock they are found in.
d) Each undisturbed sedimentary rock layer is older than the layer above it.

What would you use to radio date a 1,000,000 year old fossil?
a) Carbon 14
b) U-238
c) Lead
d) Uranium

A natural fuel that was formed from the remains of once living organisms:
a) Fossil fuel
b) Uranium
c) Wood
d) Diamonds

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