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The_____is the power of God's love in our lives and in the world
a) Kingdom of God
b) liturgy
c) Incarnation

The____is all those who believe in Jesus Christ,have been babtized in him,and fallow his teachings
a) commom vocation
b) Church
c) catechumenate

The gift of sharing in God's life that we receive in the sacraments is_______
a) chrism
b) Christian inaitiation
c) sanctifying grace

All Christians share _____,a call to holiness and evangelization
a) the catechumenate
b) a common vocation
c) Original sin

Acts of love that help us care for the needs of people's hearts ,minds,and souls are____
a) sacraments
b) Corporal Works of Mercy
c) Spiritaul Works of Mercy

The ____is the three persons in one God :God Father ,God the Son,and God the Holy Spirit
a) Kingdom of God
b) Blessed Trinity
c) Chrstian initiation

Christ's passion,death,resurrectio fom the dead,and Ascension into hraven is_____
a) Jesus' mission
b) the incarnation
c) the Paschal Mystery

_____is the forgiveness of sins and the restoring of friendship with God
a) Salvation
b) Evangelization
c) Eternal life

Who is the current Pope?
a) Mr. Martin
b) Mr. Moore
c) Benedict the Sixteenth
d) John Paull II

What was the name of Jesus' first grade teacher?
a) Sister Ann
b) Mrs. Krus
c) Father Dan
d) No first grade in Jesus' time

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