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What is an ascender?
a) Part of the letter that extends above the xheight
b) Height of a lowercase x
c) The line level with the top of the lowercase letters
d) Text extending below the baseline

What is a baseline?
a) The line that all capital letters sit on
b) The line lever with the top of the lowercase letters
c) Where you start to measure type
d) Marks the start of a line

Body type is .
a) Type 12 points or smaller
b) Any italic type
c) All type larger than 12 pt.
d) All type used for headlines

The vertical measurement of lines of type is called?
a) Leading
b) Kerning
c) Tracking
d) Scoring

Type that is narrow is referred to as .
a) Condensed
b) Thin
c) Slim
d) Narrow

Paper is measured by the weight of of basic size stock.
a) 500 sheets
b) 1000 sheets
c) 1 sheet
d) 50 sheets

Type is measured in .
a) Points
b) Inches
c) Picas
d) Agates

Line length is the measurement of the length of a line and is measured in .
a) PIcas
b) Points
c) Inches
d) Agates

A tool used to measure the point size of type.
a) Escale
b) Point scale
c) Line marker
d) Ruler

What does the term imposition or pagination refer to?
a) Laying out multiple pages in correct order
b) Laying out type in the correct position
c) Placing all objects in the correct location on the page
d) Placing numbers on the pages

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