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What does aden mean?
a) gland
b) muscle
c) pain
d) tooth

What does arter mean?
a) straight
b) pain
c) artery
d) joint

Define arthro
a) pain
b) joint
c) vessel
d) blood

Define bio
a) two
b) three
c) heart
d) life

What does the term nephrectomy mean?
a) surgical removal of the kidney
b) cut into the nerve
c) surgical removal of the nerve
d) cut into the kidney

If you have a nose job you have a ?
a) nosocomial disorder
b) masectomy
c) neuroplasty
d) rhinoplasty

If you have myalgia you have:
a) a headache
b) abdominal pain
c) muscle pain
d) a cramp

Hepat means:
a) liver
b) lung
c) kidney
d) heart

Osteo means:
a) soft
b) hard
c) self
d) bone

Gastr means
a) tongue
b) stomach
c) muscle
d) heart

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