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What best describes the particles in a liquid?
a) They are far apart and move fast
b) They are close together , but move past each other
c) They are far apart and move slow
d) They are closely packed and vibrate in place

Dew collects on a spider web in the early morning. This is an example of
a) condensation
b) sublimation
c) evaporation
d) melting

The atoms and molecules in matter
a) are attracted to one another
b) are constantly moving
c) move faster at a higher temperature
d) all of the above

Mrs Register teaches science to
a) wild animals
b) 8th grade only
c) 7th grade only
d) 7th and 8th grade

Plasma is in
a) dry ice
b) steam
c) a hot iron
d) fire

The four states of matter are
a) sleepy, grumpy, sneezy and doc
b) liquid, plasma, gas and solid
c) sublimation, condensation, evaporation and melting
d) chairs, tables, desks and students

Liquid has
a) a definite volume, but not a definite shape
b) atoms that vibrate in place
c) a definite volume and a definite shape
d) no definite volume or shape

When water changes to gas it is called
a) condensation
b) melting
c) evaporation
d) freezing

When a substance moves from a gas to a liquid
a) the atoms slow down
b) the atoms speed up
c) the atoms break apart
d) the atoms are happy

When a substance moves from solid to liquid
a) the atoms slow down
b) the atoms go dancing
c) the atoms speed up
d) the atoms die

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