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Heat and pressure can turn a sedimentary rock into which of the following?
a) a different sedimentary rock
b) a sediment
c) an igneous rock
d) a metamorphic rock

Which of the following provides the best evidence that Earth's climate has changed over time?
a) the different varieties of flowering plants
b) the action of wind breaking down rocks into small pieces
c) the discovery of crocodile fossils in Greenland
d) the presence of insect bodies in hardened sap

Which of the following provides the best evidence that Earth has evolved over time?
a) seashell fossils in deserts
b) varying colors of sand grains
c) locations of glaciers
d) layers in the atmosphere

Which of the following best describes the role pressure plays in the rock cycle?
a) Pressure weakens sedimentary rocks, breaking them into sediments.
b) Pressure transforms sedimentary and igneous rocks into metamorphic rocks.
c) Pressure changes the chemical make-up of sediments, causing them to harden.
d) Pressure causes hot magma to sink and cool, forming igneous rocks.

How does volcanic activity affect Earth's structure?
a) Volcanic activity creates islands.
b) Volcanic activity increases the size of rivers.
c) Volcanic activity moves Earth\'s plates.
d) Volcanic activity wears down cliffs.

How does the process of plate tectonics affect Earth's structure?
a) Plate tectonics causes rivers to form valleys.
b) Plate tectonics leads to the movement of glaciers across land.
c) Plate tectonics moves sediment from one location to another.
d) Plate tectonics creates mountains when plates collide.

Havasu Falls in the Grand Canyon drops over 120 feet over a vertical cliff into a pool below. Which processes are most responsible for forming this waterfall?
a) weathering and erosion
b) flooding and landslides
c) deposition and sedimentation
d) tectonic collisions and earthquakes

How does the process of deposition affect Earth's structure?
a) Deposition releases magma on Earth\'s surface.
b) Deposition adds materials to landforms.
c) Deposition removes soil from riverbeds.
d) Deposition creates sediment from rocks.

Which of the following can be scratched with a fingernail?
a) diamond
b) topaz
c) calcite
d) quartz

How does the process of erosion affect Earth's structure?
a) Erosion increases the size of mountains
b) Erosion creates oceanic trenches.
c) Erosion makes stream beds deeper
d) Erosion melts rocks to create magma

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