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"You ugly black man? I won't do it! You're stupid, you can't even spell..."
a) Phillip
b) Mr. Enright
c) Timothy
d) Grace

"They are not the same as you, Phillip. They are different and they live differently. That's the way it must be."
a) Phillip
b) Mr. enright
c) Grace
d) Timothy

"Why b'feesh different color, or flower b'different color? I true don't knwo Philleep, but I true think beneath d'skin is d'same."
a) Phillip
b) Timothy
c) Mr. Enright
d) Grace

"Maybe we should stay on the raft. A schooner will see us, or an airplane. I don't want to go on that island."
a) Phillip
b) Mr. Enright
c) Timothy
d) Grace

"I'm fine now. You're here."
a) Timothy
b) Mr. Enright
c) Phillip
d) Grace

"Oh yes. Same answer. Phillip, There are no fighting aircraft down here. to tell you the truth, we don't have any weapons."
a) Phillip
b) Mr. Enright
c) Timothy
d) Grace

Phillip changed on the island in the following way:
a) he learned survival skills from Timothy and grew in maturity
b) he now agrees with his mother that blacks are different and shouldn\'t be associated with.
c) he got over being homesick
d) he lost his sight

Which of these is not a type of conflict?
a) character vs. society
b) character vs. self
c) character vs. nature
d) character vs. object

Which one of these is an example of character vs. society?
a) Phillip vs. Grace
b) Phillip vs. Phillip
c) Phillip vs. World War II
d) Phillip vs. hurricane

Which of the following was not a survival tool Timothy left Phillip?
a) water keg
b) raft
c) fishing poles
d) matches

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