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Who came up with the quantum concept?
a) Max Planck
b) Albert Einstein
c) Erwin Schrodinger
d) John Dalton

Who came up with the idea that energy acts like particles?
a) Max Planck
b) Albert Einstein
c) Erwin Schodinger
d) John Dalton

Whose model of the atom is most like a solid billards ball?
a) Ernest Rutherford
b) Max Planck
c) Neils Bohr
d) John Dalton

What principle says that a maximum two electrons can occupy one orbital if the electrons are in opposite spins?
a) The Principle energy level
b) The Hund Rule
c) The Pauli Exclusion Principle
d) Heisenberg's Uncertainty Princple

An wave equation to figure out the probably of where an electron might be was derived by.........
a) Erwin Schodinger
b) Weiner Heisenberg
c) Albert Einstein
d) Max Planck

Neils Bohr model of the atom says_______
a) electrons reside in a diffuse cloud
b) electrons are allowed only certain energy states
c) electrons act like waves and partilces
d) the nucleus is in the certain of the atom

The wave-particle duality was espoused by------
a) Louis de Broglie
b) JJ Thomson
c) The plum pudding model
d) Max Planck

Rutherford's gold foil experiment discovered------
a) the electron cloud
b) electron orbitals
c) the mass and charge of the electron
d) atom's have a nucleus which has a positive charge

An atomic emission spectrum
a) is the continuous electromagnetic spectrum
b) is a discontinuous spectrum of frequencies unique to each element
c) the largest amount of energy an element can gain or lose
d) the ejected of nuetrons from the orbitals

What principle says that electrons will fill a lower energy level before occupying a higher energy level.
a) The Heisenberg uncertainty principle
b) Pauli exclusion principle
c) Hund principle
d) Aufbac principle

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