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A common speed of a CPU
a) 1GB
b) 1 TB
c) 2 GHz
d) 4 THz

A common size for RAM
a) 1 GB
b) 2 TB
c) 2 GHz
d) 4 THz

A magnetic storage device
a) flash drive
b) CD
c) DVD
d) Hard drive

A disk that has been partitioned and prepared to store files has been
a) synced
b) formatted
c) installed
d) restored

Optical devices use this to read the data off of the disks
a) magnets
b) electrical pulses
c) laser light
d) zip drives

This is a brand of CPU
a) Intel
c) DDR
d) Mac

Every device in the computer connects to this device
a) monitor
b) motherboard
c) RAM
d) keyboard

This part of the computer does all of the calculations
a) graphics card
b) RAM
c) motherboard
d) Central Processing Unit

The resolution of a monitor is measured in
a) points
b) picas
c) pixels
d) inches

This is your PRIMARY output device
a) hard drive
b) monitor
c) keyboard
d) speaker

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