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a) Used to transfer webpages to be viewed in a browser
b) Used to transfer emails
c) Used to transfer files
d) Used to transfer hyper text documents

a) Blind Carbon Copy an address in an email
b) Carbon Copy and address in an email
c) Attachment in an email
d) British Communication Council

a) A small network of computers
b) A small wireless network of computers
c) A bluetooth device
d) A large network of computers

Trojan Horse
a) A document file that runs a script
b) A logical section of the hard drive
c) A program that seems to run one thing but is doing something else in the background
d) A program that runs automatically and destroys your computer

a) Local Area Network
b) Wirelss Access Point
c) Web Server
d) Simple Data Transfer Protocol

Which of these is an IP address?
d) A4.E3.20.12

An example of an ISP
a) Xfinity
b) Internet Explorer
c) Excel
d) Google

Which of the following is a browser?
b) Mozilla Firefox
c) Microsoft Word
d) Excel
a) A browser
b) A search engine
c) A file server
d) A cloud

Files that are viewed in a web browser have which file extension
a) docx
b) html
c) xls
d) ppt

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