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a) 1 Thousand
b) 1 Million
c) 1 Billion
d) 1 Trillion

a) Measurement of Storage
b) Measurement of Speed
c) Measurement of Pixels
d) Measurement of Sound

a) 8 bits
b) 16 bits
c) Transfer speed
d) Processor speed

You can read, write, and re-write to this type of CD
b) CD-R
d) CD-RW

a) Base 2 number system
b) java source code
c) pixels in a monitor
d) Duplex mode

a) Where your operating system is permanently stored
b) Algorithm control
c) Main Memory
d) Where the calculations are performed

Which type of computer is the smallest?
a) mainframe
b) server
c) laptop
d) tablet

Which type of computer is used for large companies to store data on?
a) tablet
b) workstation
c) server
d) handheld

Which of the following is a silicon chip?
a) hard drive
b) graphics card
c) CPU
d) monitor

What is the boot process?
a) The process that your computer does to start up
b) The process that your computer does to shut down
c) The process your computer does to log in
d) The process your computer does to connect to another computer

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