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What was one cause of the development of many small independent city-states in ancient Greece
a) The mountainous terrain resulted inwidely scattered settlements
b) Greece and Rome were often at war
c) The Greek people had many different languages and religions
d) Military leaders found small greek settlements easy to control

What effect did the geography of ancient Greece have on its early development
a) abundant natural resources encouraged self-sufficiency
b) an inland location hindered trade and colonization
c) a lack of natural seaports limited communication
d) the mountainous terrain led to the creation of independent city-states

Which statement represents the view of a citizen of Athens visiting Sparta
a) This society allows for more freedom of expression than I have ever experienced in Athens
b) I have never heard of a society like Sparta that believes in only one God
c) The government and society in Sparta are so strict. The people have little voice in the government
d) I feel as though I have never left home. Everything here is the same as it in Athens.

One contribution of ancient Roman culture was the development of
a) the concept of zero
b) the printing press
c) a republican form of government
d) the process of making silk

Which of the following societies practiced direct democracy
a) ancient Athens
b) dynastic China
c) Gupta Empire
d) early Egypt

Which description accurately identifies Socrates, Plato and Aristotle
a) artists of the Italian Rennaissance
b) religious leaders of the Protestant Reformation
c) philosophers of ancient Greece
d) rulers of the Roman Republic

The Pillars or Emperor Asoka and the Code of Hammurabi are most similar to the
a) Great Sphinx of the Egyptians
b) Twelve Tables of the Romans
c) map projections of Mercator
d) ziggurats of Sumeria

Which ancient civilization is associated with the Twelve Tables, an extensive road system and the poet Homer
a) Babylonian
b) Roman
c) Phoenician
d) Greek

In western Europe, feudalism developed after the collapse of which empire
a) Roman
b) Byzantine
c) Mughal
d) Ottoman

The term feudalism is best definied as a
a) Holy War between Christians and Muslims
b) division of political power between three separate branches
c) process in which goods are traded for other goods
d) system inwhich land is exchanged for military service and loyalty

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