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Writers of the Enlightenment were primarily interested in
a) changing the relationship between people and their government
b) promoting increased power for European monarchs
c) debating the role of the church in society
d) supporting the divine right theory

The writings of the Enlightenment philosophers in Europe encouraged later political revolution with their support of
a) the natural rights of man
b) divine right
c) imperialism
d) socialism

The writers and philosophers of the Enlightenment believed the government decisions should be based on
a) laws of nature and reason
b) traditional values
c) the concept of divine right of kings
d) fundamental religious beliefs

Which statement reflects an argument of Enlightenment philosophers against the belief in the divine right of kings?
a) the power of the government is derived from the governed
b) a capitalist economic system is necessary for democracy
c) independence is built by military might
d) god has chosen all government rulers

John Locke and Jean Jacques Rousseau would be most likely to support
a) a society in which the people chose the ruler
b) a society ruled by the Catholic Church
c) a government ruled by a divine right monarchy
d) a return to feudalism in Europe

During the Scientific Revolution and the Enlightenment, one similarity in the work of many scientists and philosophers was that they
a) examined natural laws governing the universe
b) received support from the Catholic Church
c) favored an absolute monarchy as a way of improving economic conditions
d) relied heavily on the ideas of medieval thinkers

Which statement best describes a change that occurred during both the Renaissance and the Enlightenment?
a) a new questioning spirit and attitude emerged
b) technology and science were considered unimportant
c) the use of reason and logic were discouraged
d) feudalism became the dominant political system

A major concept promoted by philosophers of the Enlightenment was the need for
a) the use of reason for rational and logical thinking
b) strengthening the power of the organized religions
c) overseas expansion by western European nations
d) a return to traditional medieval ideas

One similarity in the policies of Louis XIV and of Suleiman the Magnificent is that both leaders
a) expanded their empires in the Americas
b) encouraged the growth of democracy
c) abolished the bureaucracy
d) increased the power of the central governments

Oliver Cromwell led the Puritan Revolution in England in response to the
a) passage of the Bill of Rights
b) autocratic rule of the king
c) implementation of mercantilism
d) defeat of the Spanish Armada

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