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Usually the first step in scientific problem solving is to ...
a) state the problem
b) gathering data
c) form a hypothesis
d) state a conclusion

The last step in the scientific method is...
a) conclusion
b) Data
c) theory
d) hypothesis

A hypothesis is stated in what form...
a) If... Then...
b) If ......, When...
c) Then...., When..
d) Then..., If...

In an experiment, there should be only one _________. Everything else should be a ________.
a) independent variable... controlled.
b) controlled variable... independent variable.
c) answer... constant.
d) trial... tested.

Cause is to effect as _____ is to _____.
a) independent... dependent
b) dependent... independent
c) controlled... responding
d) independent... controlled

Which is not a step in the scientific method?
a) skip what you don't understand
b) ask a question
c) form a hypothesis
d) draw a conclusion

The independent variable is also called the...
a) manipulated variable
b) responding variable
c) controlled variable
d) dependent variable

A statement that makes an educated guess as to the answer of a Testable Question.
a) Hypothesis
b) Independent Variable
c) Dependent Variable
d) Problem

The variable or factor in an experiment that is changed on purpose by the scientist.
a) Manipulated variable
b) Control
c) Constant
d) Dependent Variable

The variables or factors in an experiment that must stay the same.
a) Control
b) Independent Variable
c) Constant
d) Dependent Variable

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