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What is the most amount of energy an atom can gain or lose?
a) quantum
b) wave
c) particle
d) photon

What is the maximum electrons that can occupy one orbital?
a) two
b) varies with the energy level
c) eight
d) four

What is Bohr\'s model of the atom?
a) electrons can occupy only certain energy levels
b) electrons are waves not particles
c) electrons occupy a diffuse electron cloud
d) the location of electrons is unknown

What is Heisenberg\'s uncertainty principle?
a) We can never know the exact atomic number of an element.
b) The existence of the atom can not be proved.
c) All neutrons have an unknown mass.
d) It is fundamentally impossible to know both the velocity and location of an electron.

What are the first 3 subshells?
a) 1, 2 and 3
b) s, p, d
c) 1s1, 2s1 and 3s1
d) x, y, z

Who first stated that light is made of particles called photons?
a) Planck
b) Bohr
c) Dalton
d) Einstein

Why do atomic emission spectrum show only certain frequencies of light?
a) Because our equipment can only detect certain frequencies.
b) Because every element is unique.
c) Because electrons can only occuply certain energy levels.
d) Because protons exist at certain frequencies.

What model of the atom says that electrons act both like particles and like waves?
a) the Bohr model
b) the quantum mechanical model
c) Dalton's model
d) Planck's model

What is the photoelectric effect?
a) When metal absorb heat the element gives off protons and neutrons.
b) When light of a certain frequency is shone on a element, the element emits electrons which give off light at specific frequen
c) When a nucleus undergoes radioactive decay electricity is produced.
d) A camera works by recording the emissions of electrons.

What is the noble gas configuration for lithium?
a) 1s2 2s2
b) Li: [He] 2s1
c) 1s1 1s1 2s1
d) *Li*

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