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The prisoner had been starving and upon release needed to find nourishment. What does nourishment mean?
a) clothing
b) food
c) soap and water
d) money

Just because they were going there seperate ways after the graduation ceremony, Bill pointed out that graduation was a time of joy, not bereavment? What does bereavement mean?
a) distance
b) celebration
c) happiness
d) mourning

After studying for many hours, he decided that all his preparation would have to suffice as he entered the classroom. What does suffice mean?
a) miserable
b) quicken
c) lessen
d) make do

The boxes weren\'t exactly heavy, just cumbersome, unlike the easy-to-carry bags with handles. What does cumbersome mean?
a) smooth
b) bulky
c) small
d) blue

He shot out of the starting block with such great velocity that he quickly took the lead. What does velocity mean?
a) rate of speed
b) hunger
c) happiness
d) slyness

Acting on ones impulses, like Joey did when he was not on his medication, is one of the signs of ADHD. What does impulse mean?
a) sleepiness
b) delight
c) happiness
d) urge to act

The flimsy table with the broken leg was anything but substantial. What does substantial mean?
a) lazy
b) bent
c) strong
d) brown

Once Joey Pigza quit taking his medication ADHD, he began to act more and more peculiar. What does peculiar mean?
a) odd
b) slow
c) sleepy
d) happy

The group of shoppers went to the Bazaar to buy items for there homes. What does Bazaar mean?
a) restaurant
b) school
c) church
d) market place

The students hard work and good deeds were diminished in the end by his failure to study for the final exam. What does diminished mean?
a) lessened
b) heightened
c) made better
d) celebrated

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