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A reaction rate can be changed by:
a) Temperature
b) Concentration
c) Catalyst
d) All of the Above

The rate-determining step is the...
a) slowest step in a reaction.
b) fastest step in a reaction.
c) any step in a reaction.
d) rate at which a step is completed.

LeChatlier's Principle states that when a system at equilibrium is stressed...
a) the reaction breaks under the stress.
b) nothing happens.
c) the reaction shifts to relieve the stress and restore equilibrium.
d) the reaction shifts to create more stress.

Collision Theory states that reactions only occur when there is enough ...
a) reactants and products.
b) activation energy and the correct molecule orientation.
c) activation energy and the molecules are moving fast enough.
d) molecule orientation.

At equilibrium, the forward and reverse reactions are occurring at _________.
a) faster forward rates than reverse rates.
b) two times the original rate.
c) different rates.
d) the same rate.

LeChatlier's principle causes _______ to affect gases.
a) pressure
b) atmospheres
c) mm Hg
d) All of the above.

Endothermic and Exothermic Reactions both have....
a) energy as a product.
b) activation energy.
c) energy as a reactant.
d) negative Gibb's Free Energy.

A reaction with a negative Gibb's Free Energy will be...
a) Spontaneous
b) Non-Spontaneous
c) Endothermic
d) None of the Above.

A positive delta-H indicates a ______ reaction.
a) Fast
b) Endothermic
c) Slow
d) Exothermic

On this test I will get an _____
a) A
b) B
c) C
d) D

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