Colonial America 3 Question Preview (ID: 961)

The Third Review Game For The Unit On Colonial America. TEACHERS: click here for quick copy question ID numbers.

What crop was NOT grown in the southern colonies?
a) tobacco
b) indigo
c) potatoes
d) rice

What did the slaves do to help them survive the tough times they faced?
a) Created a new language
b) tried to avoid doing work.
c) sang and danced to music from Africa
d) had a party every week

What did farmers do to make sure the slaves worked hard?
a) beat them if they didn\'t work
b) all of the above
c) made the slaves wear heavy chains
d) made harsh laws for the slaves

Which were MORE common in the south?
a) small farms
d) large plantations

BONUS #1: Who founded the colony of Connecticut?
a) George Whitfield
b) Roger Williams
c) Ben Franklin
d) Thomas Hooker

BONUS #2: Before the colony was called, \
a) New Jersey
b) New England
c) New Netherland
d) New Yorkshire

BONUS #3: Why did Lord Baltimore found the colony of Maryland?
a) to find gold
b) to create a safe place for Catholics to live.
c) to help debtors and other poor people
d) to help England control the southeastern part of America

Super Bonus #1: Name all of the colonies in New England.
a) (4)

Super Bonus #2: Name all of the colonies in the Middle colonies.
a) (4)

Super Bonus #3: Name all of the colonies in the South.
a) (5)

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