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What scientist developed the concept of continental drift?
a) Hutton
b) Wegener
c) Lamarck
d) Darwin

Which of the following is a scientific theory explaining how plates move?
a) Continental Drift
b) Plate Tectonics
c) Crustal Convergence
d) None of the above.

At the center of a mid-ocean ridge is a(n):
a) subduction zone
b) fracture zone
c) trench
d) rift

Stress is:
a) the balance between gravity and buoyancy
b) force per unit area
c) really stressful!
d) area divided by volume.

Sediment close to the mid-ocean ridge is ____ than sediment farther away.
a) Uglier
b) Smaller
c) Younger
d) Older

What type of mountain is formed by high blocks of rocks faulting?
a) graben
b) plateau
c) fault-block
d) volcanic

What type of fold looks like a sink?
a) monocline
b) syncline
c) anticline
d) origami fold

What supercontinent existed about 300 million years ago?
a) Gondwanaland
b) Laurasia
c) Pangea
d) none of the above.

Materials that handle stress without breaking into little pieces are:
a) brittle
b) ductile
c) ugly
d) smelly

Which color is the best?
a) Yellow
b) Blue
c) Purple
d) Vomit-Green

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