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The role of business in contributing to a better society and cleaner environment is _____.
a) corporation awareness
b) environmental business ethics
c) corporate environmental account
d) corporate social responsibility

A(n) _____ is a rule enforced by government agency.
a) policy
b) regulation
c) code
d) agenda

The people of _____ used up all the resources and their civilization vanished.
a) Galapagos Island
b) Atlantis
c) Madagascar
d) Easter Island

New development that is widespread and poorly planned is _____.
a) suburbs
b) expanse
c) sprawl
d) creep

To _____ is to express soemthing as a number.
a) quantify
b) organize
c) numerate
d) rank

A _____ is a plan of action for political issues.
a) policy
b) vision
c) regulation
d) restriction

The _____ includes economic, social, and environmental factors.
a) GDP
b) GWI
c) GPI
d) DPI

Buses and subways are type of _____.
a) urban commute
b) sprawl
c) group trains
d) public transportation

The Earth Summit developed a global plan for sustainability called _____.
a) Agenda 21
b) Policy 9
c) Global Agenda
d) Regulation 21

The _____ is a regulatory agency that was created by the U.S. Congress in 1970.
a) NPA
b) UFS
c) EPA
d) CWA

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