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Mating of related individuals is _____.
a) captive breeding
b) gene pooling
c) inbreeding
d) outbreeding

A _____ hunts wildlife illegally.
a) poacher
b) wildlife trader
c) hacker
d) slayer

The _____ view states that biodiversity should be preserved to protect ecosystems.
a) recreational
b) ecological
c) spiritual
d) utilitarian

_____ is an invasive plant that took over the habitat of many native species in the southern United States.
a) Bamboo
b) Wild azalea
c) Honeysuckle
d) Kudzu

The sale of wildlife or wildlife products is known as _____.
a) animal tender
b) nature switch
c) wildlife trade
d) eco-exchange

Fish eggs are hatched in _____.
a) nurseries
b) hatcheries
c) nests
d) breeding grounds

Breaking up large habitats into smaller pieces is called _____.
a) habitat fragmentation
b) habitat depletion
c) wildlife distruption
d) ecosystem downsizing

The breeding and raising of organisms in zoos or aquariums is _____.
a) assisted mating
b) captive breeding
c) inbreeding
d) poaching

A huge demand for wood leads to biodiversity loss through _____.
a) inbreeding
b) overdevelopment
c) population growth
d) deforestation

The role of business in contributing to a better society and cleaner environment is _____.
a) corporation awareness
b) environmental business ethics
c) corporate environmental account
d) corporate social reponsibility

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