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A _____ is the unit of heat needed to raise one gram of water one degree Celsius.
a) calorie
b) kilocalorie
c) horizon
d) degree

Land used for livestock grazing is called ______.
a) cropland
b) domesticated land
c) pasture
d) feedlot

Organisms that are too young to reproduce are _____.
a) mature
b) nonreproductive
c) asexual
d) immature

A _____ is a layer of soil.
a) loam
b) horizon
c) depth level
d) clay layer

A blood condition called _____ can result from a lack of iron.
a) malnutrition
b) anemia
c) famine
d) gout

A _____ is a sugar or starch used by living things for energy.
a) carbohydrate
b) protein
c) fat
d) calcium

Animals that have been _____ were bread for human use.
a) tamed
b) domesticated
c) imported
d) purebred

A _____ is referred to as a calorie in everday usage.
a) vitamin
b) millicalorie
c) kilocalorie
d) protein

The solid layer of rock beneath the soil is called _____.
a) O horizon
b) A horizon
c) topsoil
d) bedrock

Unwanted animals that are caught in fishing nets are known as _____.
a) overfishing
b) bycatch
c) aquaculture
d) overcatch

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