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If you start a new business, you need information about
a) government regulations.
b) customers.
c) competitors.
d) all of these.

Which of these is a way the US government gets involved in business activities?
a) It owns all of the factors of production.
b) It tells businesses what they can produce and sets prices they can charge customers.
c) It prohibits unfair business practices.
d) It specifies that certain people can only have certain types of jobs.

Leaders are dependable, which means that they
a) are able to listen, speak and write effectively.
b) look at all sides of an issue before making a decision.
c) respect the feelings and needs of the people they work with.
d) follow through on commitments.

The federal government generally performs all of these functions EXCEPT
a) interstate road construction and maintenance
b) sets most criminal laws
c) regulate interstate trade
d) regulate international trade

State governments generally perform all of these functions EXCEPT
a) regulate trade within the state
b) set educational standards
c) set most criminal laws
d) fire protection

Local governments generally perform all of these functions EXCEPT
a) police protection
b) fire protection
c) National Guard protection
d) maintain some utilities, such as water and sewer

Enforceable rules of conduct in a society are called
a) laws.
b) positive laws.
c) statutory laws.
d) common laws.

If a long term employee's duties include hiring and training employees but that employee is not a manager, it is likely because
a) (s)he does not make enough money to be a manager.
b) (s)he has not been employed long enough to be a manager.
c) the employee is a woman and only men can be managers.
d) (s)he is not responsible for the work of other employees and has no authority over them.

Most employees in US businesses receive
a) weekly salary.
b) hourly wages.
c) monthly salary.
d) commission pay.

Location is important for small businesses because
a) most retailers need good customer traffic to survive.
b) many potential customers will stay away if a business is not easy to find.
c) customers generally do not want to travel long distances to find what they need.
d) all of these.

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