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Colonial America Review Game, Part 2.[print questions]

What was the largest city in the Pennsylvania colony?
a) Lexington
b) Baltimore
c) Philadelphia
d) Charlotte

Most large plantations were located in which colonial region?
a) New England
b) Middle Colonies
c) Southern Colonies

Ben Franklin invented all of the following...except WHAT?
a) telephone
b) battery
c) bifocals
d) lightening rod

The rich soil in the southern colonies caused many colonists there to become
a) doctors
b) farmers
c) fisherman
d) artisans

An artisan is someone who...
a) sells paintings
b) makes something by hand
c) grows artichokes on a farm
d) makes plans for a building

The most common religion found in the middle colonies was
a) Catholic
b) Quaker
c) Puritan
d) Presbyterian

A free market economy is when
a) the people decide what they want to sell.
b) the government decides what the people will sell.
c) everyone sells the same goods.
d) the people and the government decide together what they will sell.

The city of _______ was an important port city in the middle colonies.
a) Atlanta.
b) Boston.
c) Philadelphia.
d) Jamestown.

Which colony was NOT in the southern colonial region?
a) Georgia
b) Virginia
c) Maryland
d) New York

Which colony was created as a place for debtors to go?
a) Georgia
b) North Carolina
c) South Carolina
d) Virginia

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