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The process of removing metals from rocks through melting is _____.
a) slagging
b) sorting
c) smelting
d) incinerating

Materials that are _____ can be broken down by organisms.
a) biodegradable
b) nonbiodegradable
c) synthetic
d) hazardous

_____ is a type of waste management that reduces the amount of waste generated.
a) Smelting
b) Source reduction
c) Output reduction
d) Trash control

In a(n) ____, garbage is dumped without environmental controls.
a) sanitary landfill
b) waste stream
c) incinerator
d) open dump

A(n) _____ is a site created for disposing of solid waste on land.
a) open dump
b) chemical landfill
c) sanitary landfill
d) waste stream

The _____ is the flow of waste through society.
a) garbage flow
b) slag
c) waste stream
d) waste cycle

The natural breakdown of organic matter is called _____.
a) biodegradation
b) aerobic decomposition
c) erosion
d) dissolving

The waste from making iron or other metals is called _____.
a) sludge
b) radioactive waste
c) smelt
d) slag

Which of the following means "human-made"?
a) synthetic
b) biodegradable
c) radioactive
d) organic

Waste that is _____ eats away materials by chemical action.
a) reactive
b) corrosive
c) synthetic
d) biodegradable

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