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The area undergroud that contains groundwater is called a(n) _____.
a) aquifer
b) water table
c) well
d) lake

When an aquifer is used up, it is said to be _____.
a) recharged
b) permeable
c) depleted
d) seeping

An unusually long period of little rainfall is a(n) _____.
a) aquifer
b) permeable
c) famine
d) drought

An intestinal infection marked by severe diarrhea is called _____.
a) hepatitis
b) eutrophication
c) dysentery
d) pathogen

Cleaning by separating out pollutants or impurities is called ______.
a) purification
b) landscaping
c) fertilization
d) runoff

The process by which toxic chemicals build up through the food chain is called _____.
a) bioaccumulation
b) eutrophication
c) xeriscaping
d) dumping

Thermal pollution occurs when _____ is added by humans to the water.
a) a chemical
b) heat
c) oxygen
d) oil

Eutrophication can cause depletion of _____ in the water.
a) nitrogen
b) sulfur
c) carbon
d) oxygen

Waste from living organisms is called _____ waste.
a) organic
b) inorganic
c) chemical
d) eutrophic

Hepatitis is a disease that damages the _____.
a) stomach
b) liver
c) pancreas
d) spleen

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