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Coal and oil are examples of _____. They were formed from plant and animal remains.
a) subsistence agriculture
b) overconsumption
c) renewable resources
d) fossil fuels

_____ reflect the number of deaths per 1,000 people in one year.
a) Birth rates
b) Death rates
c) Carrying capacities
d) Migration rates

A female who is neither too old nor too young to have children have reached _____.
a) live expectancy
b) exponential growth
c) reproductive age
d) the poverty level

During _____, a large number of people move from one place to another.
a) migration
b) starvation
c) stabilization
d) reproduction

The total number of people on Earth is the _____.
a) carrying capacity
b) world population
c) life expectancy
d) growth rate

A person's _____ is the total number of years that person is expected to live.
a) reproductive age
b) birth rate
c) life expectancy
d) growth rate

_____ lets parents decide when to have children and how many children they want to have.
a) Subsistence agriculture
b) Family planning
c) Environmentally intelligent design
d) Reproductive age

_____ referes to a way of living that is usual for a person in a country.
a) Standard of living
b) Family planning
c) Carrying capacity
d) Sustainable harvest

Improvements in _____ have increased birth rates and decreased death rates.
a) family planning
b) medicine and agriculture
c) consumption
d) subsistence agriculture

Exponential growth can be shown on a graph with a(n) _____.
a) C-curve
b) straight line
c) J-curve
d) S-curve

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