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Trees that lose their leaves in the winter are described as ______.
a) deciduous
b) tropical
c) coniferous
d) evergreen

The taiga is a(n) _____.
a) grassland
b) aquatic biome
c) deciduous forest
d) coniferous forest

Thousands of acres of tropical rainforest have been lost to _____.
a) overgrazing
b) deforestation
c) permafrost
d) floods

Dry grasslands in coastal areas are _____.
a) savannas
b) prairies
c) chaparral
d) hot deserts

Permanenetly frozen ground at high latitudes and elevations is _____.
a) taiga
b) permafrost
c) humus
d) the forest floor

The _____ of salt water refers to the amount of salt dissolved in it.
a) elevation
b) salinity
c) humidity
d) altitude

The distance north and south of the equator is _____.
a) latitude
b) altitude
c) tropical
d) salinity

A river enters a larger body of water at its _____.
a) headwaters
b) channel
c) mouth
d) nursery

Open, grassy wetlands that are washed by tides are _____.
a) mangrove swamps
b) coral reefs
c) extuaries
d) coastal wetlands

The deepest part of the ocean is the _____.
a) photic zone
b) neritic zone
c) abyss
d) oceanic zone

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